Monday, June 30, 2008


Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Canada

Happy Birthday to YOOOOOUUUUUUUUU,

Yeah, I'm a little early but tomorrow is going to be crazy so I thought I'd get the blog candy up and out of the way now. Besides, it is Canada Day somewhere in Canada already, just not where I am. So I promised a little big of Canadiana. This is what's up for grabs. This is not guilt free blog candy.

There are Kinder surprise eggs(really hoping these don't melt), and All-Dressed Chips, the gift card is for Tim Hortons(the package will have either Tim's coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in it, the winner will let me know what they prefer) and one Bella stamp. I'm not sure if Bella counts as Canadiana yet but I'm sure it will someday.

To enter for the blog candy, leave a post saying where you've visited in Canada or if you haven't been here, where you would like to visit.

Think Pink

The "title" for this page is Think Pink. The title is hidden in the journaling. I have decided that this page is done without the title showing. The pearls on the left side are embellishments, the pearls on the right side are what you use to pull out the hidden journaling. I did this for the weekend challenge at UYS although I didn't do the card, shhhhhhhh.

For the 1-2-3, I did One photo, Two pieces of ribbon, Three layers of paper.

I used Close to Cocoa prints dsp, purely pom textured cs, Berry Bliss dsp, pretty in pink eyelets, chocolate chip twill ribbon, and the cream half pearls from the pretties kit.

Tomorrow is Canada's birthday. We will be going to the beach at some point so that we can watch the fireworks. BUT I will be celebrating on my blog as well, so come back tomorrow to see what I have found.

P.S. If anyone can give me hint on how to take a picture of a matte picture so it looks decent, please let me know.

Friday, June 27, 2008

To Prove a Point

I'm not really trying to prove a point, I really am trying to use other papers to scrap with. It is just that every time I start something I end up coming across this kit on my desk, or my table or my shelf.......

Totally Random has started a sketch challenge on Mondays. I love sketches. I used the sketch and the simply scrappin kit, and my white SU! gel pen, as well as K&Company chipboard, for the title. I really like the way it turned out.

And then on Wednesday, my Waneeke lost another tooth. I have a great friend who thought that the Tooth Fairy shouldn't have to climb and reach up to the top bunk and search for that little tooth.
She said an altered tin that hung from the doorknob would be so much easier on the Tooth Fairy so Wednesday night when we got home, I went to work. I made it into the UYS pp challenge. You were to use 5 different pp.

The next time I make one of these, I will make sure the sentiment is facing the other direction so that the Tooth Fairy doesn't have to read upside down. As well, I will do it, ummmm before 15 mins to bedtime as I wanted the stickles to dry and Waneeke just wanted her tin.....NOW.

I used the tin from GinaK, the stamp set from GinaK(What's in your Tin#1), twill ribbon from pti, Just delightful simply scrappin kit papers, and prints pack paper(the level one hostess set).

Ok, I'm off to see what other damage I can do.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stuck in a Rut

Yeah, I'm stuck. I'm trying to use up stashed product. I don't usually stash but sometimes things get put aside because I've ordered new stuff and I play with that first. So for 2007 SAB I ended up with a few simply scrappin kits. At the time I figured I could get them for scrapping and altering, I'm finally getting around to using them.

My Grandmother is always on me about getting a picture of my kids. It is not an easy feat. Actually, the best description I've heard about it is a quote from a Mom on Koivu's birth board. "Yes, getting a decent picture of 4 kids, is like herding cats."

The last time my Grandmother was here, I picked up the picture that took me about 50 snaps to get. She left it here. Then I went to her place and saw how the picture of my baby boy was being "displayed" so I decided to make something for the picture.

If you notice, the outside looks remarkably like the journal I did for the teachers. This is where the rut is coming in. I wanted to get it done quickly, so that it was ready for her today and all I could do was case myself. I didn't use glitter though because my grandmother just isn't so into glitter. I actually think this might be a little much for her so I'm expecting an eye roll or two.

I used Just delightful simply scrappin kit(again), flirty ribbon, and jumbo eyelets, and chipboard book basics large.

I was surprised how easily the crop a dile went through the chipboard. The jumbo eyelets took a little bit of force though, but they look really nice on it.

Also, I can not figure out how I have two things that are the same size, I measured them the same way, punched the hole the same way and ended up with the holes in 4 different locations. I must not be as good at measuring as I think I am.

That's all for now. Still waiting for Grandma to get here but I'm all excited that I get to meet my cousin's new baby boy. Hopefully I can snap some pics of that too.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I won blog candy!

I'm so excited. I scrap with Gina on SCS, she is an amazing scrapper. She just got onto a design team at Addicted Scrappers, to celebrate she was giving away blog candy and I won. yay!!!!

Thank you GINA!

It was like on TV

El came home the other morning and said, "Guess what I did?" My response, as always, "you crashed the car." (for the record he has only answered "yes" to that once)

He gave me a look. Personally, I think I got the look because it is always the way I answer the question, but it could have been because the kids and I were outside and I watched him drive in, with the car.

"No." He said. "I got a hole in one."

He goes on to explain, it was just like on tv. The shot landed passed the whole and sucked back directly into the hole.

All I can say is thank goodness for hole in one insurance. For some reason, that I can not understand, when you get a whole in one, you buy the drinks.

Today I was going to do the challenge on Use Your Stash to make a card using letters on them. I was going to make a congratulations card for dh but then I remembered that he will be getting an award. So instead of a card, this is what I ended up with. I used King of the Grill from GinaK designs. I also realized I don't have silver ink so I used the silver metalic rub on from Gina K to make the golf clubs. Waneeke helped with the ribbon.

If you look closely at that award, it is from last year, so I guess I'm making another one for this year......mostly because I just heard, "what about the one for last week."

Friday, June 20, 2008

Its Friday

I was very technical in the drawing. I wrote 12 numbers down, Waneeke picked a piece of paper out of a bowl, and the winner is.......TAMI!!!!!

Congratulations Tami! I'll get your candy out to you shortly. Then it will get stuck in the Canada Post/USPS for awhile.......but it will get there.

I only finished half of what I wanted to finish last night. I did another page for the Christmas albums. I have 4 pages done now and I have ordered a lot of prints recently. So I should be good to go for awhile longer.

Here's the page I finished last night. I really like the colours in it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Technically we are over 100 visitors today but we weren't when I wrote earlier, I promise.

I still have to do two more journals for tomorrow. Waneeke's last day of school is this week and she has had the best teacher this year. Koivu has the same teacher next year, yay!!!

This is my first time giving away blog candy, so everyone had better love it. It is a mini pretties kit. The tin came from GinaK designs. I love Afternoon Tea dsp, it is just so pretty.

To enter for the blog candy, all you have to do is reply with what your favourite blog candy would be.

Thanks for reading and commenting. I'll make the draw on Friday.

p.s. Sarah, this is the best kind of candy.

Variety Challenge

This has only taken me all week. On Friday Tessa was the guest hostess for the variety challenge on SCS. I started out using my baby boy but Chez stole the one paper I was going to use, and then glued it to I started over again.

We had to use 3 different dsp from 3 different companies. (I used SEI, SU and an unknown one from my olden scrappin days) And to add to that we also had to use 3 diffent embies from 3 different companies. (I used pti ribbon, GinaK brads, and something else I don't know the name of that I got in a ss swap, the logo is a Q with a crown in the middle.

We have a busy day ahead of us, but I'll check back in later to show you the blog candy.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The count begins

I know I just started, but remember my first post when I said I wanted to give away blog candy?

I've decided that I will do a blog candy post when my blog hits 100 visitors. I haven't figured out what it is going to be yet, but with all the altering I'm doing at the moment, don't be surprised if it is something altered.

I'll figure it out shortly.

A Golf Widow's Father's Day

Today is Father's Day and while some people are spending it with their dad, or the father or grandfather of their children, we are spending it together, without dh. El wanted to go to a golf tournament this weekend and I have no problem with his golf habit so off he went.

I had this box. It was a box that El emptied but didn't throw out. I saw it and asked if he was finished with it, he told me it was garbage. I decided that I would keep it but only for 2 months and if I hadn't used it by then I would let it go. here's the box.

Also, I hadn't actually given El anything for Father's Day and he is a great dad to our kids. ANNNNNND while cleaning up, I always find all these little pieces of paper with random phone numbers on, or business cards laying around. I never have a place to put them, but when I ask if I can throw them out he says no.

With that being said, I thought the box was perfect because, it was originally his box, it is a golf ball box, and I needed a specific place to put his phone numbers. So off to more altering I went and here is the finished project.

I used Outlaw dsp, naturals ivory cs, chocolate chop cs, sage shadow cs, vintage brads, SU! scallop punch, chocolate chip taffeta ribbon.

And I must admit I do not like chocolate chip taffeta ribbon. I think it looks washed out, but it works great with the Outlaw paper.

Also, I basically cased this card for this project.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer's upon us

Today I've been busy getting ready for tomorrow, and Friday and Saturday and Sunday. Tomorrow we go to Wild Child again. It is Koivu's year end party from preschool. Then tomorrow night I get to go to lss for my night off. On Friday, Waneeke's school is having a family Friday so I'm taking the kids to a spray park/splash pool(depending on who you ask). I have never been there before so I want to go out and find it tomorrow so I at least know where I'm going. Then Saturday, El is leaving to go to a golf tournament. This is one of his favourite tournaments, I would love to go just to spend the night at the Inn but there wouldn't be a lot to do Sunday while he was golfing.

One of the things I had to do today to get ready for tomorrow was to make a gift for K's teacher. I thought about making a picture frame from altered tins, then maybe a mini scrapbook for her to use, and then a candle....I threw all that out the window and decided on an altered art journal. Now I just hope she likes it.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Placing Blame

I never wanted a scrap blog, never thought, hey I should waste more time by blogging about scrapping. Then I saw Tessa's blog and I wanted to be able to give away blog candy too.

A few things about me. I love scrapbooking. I hate journalling. My kids keep me hopping and I love taking pictures of them. Thursday nights are my nights off and I love them. I usually go to the lss and scrap there for awhile with other adults. I also love challenges and sometimes I even get them done on time to submit them.

I'm just getting ready right now to go to the lss, so I have one page prepped and working on another one, hopefully I'll get something done tonight. No guarantees.