Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cleany, Cleany-Movey Movey

There's a long story behind this but the end result is, we are packing up my sister-in-law's stuff and getting it out of the house. This being said, dh thinks that she is going to be coming into the house to check to make sure she has gotten everything.

So because of the packing up of stuff and the checking the house out, dh wants the house cleaned up.......translation, get your stuff off of the table and clean up your scrap desk. This means the house looks better but I do scrap better when I can just barely get my 12x12 lo onto my desk.

Also, he emptied one of the big closets and my scrap stuff is going in there. After gathering it all up to put it into one place, I realized just how much I really was collecting. I want to order some of the new dsp so I must scrap using my stash so I can justify it better. I have a large goal for complete pages in August so I had better be getting my mind back on my mission very quickly.

Last weekend I went to my Grandmother's house. To my complete surprise, my Grandmother actually likes my scrapping. I actually kept it a secret from her for a long time because I thought she would make discouraging remarks about it and I didn't want to have to deal with that as well.

On my Grandmother's piano is a thank you card I made for her. I made it after I had Ahrdrcyn, she came to visit and "help" and even though I really dislike it when she is here to "help" I know that she does mean well. She asked me to make some more like it for her to give to her friends. I have chosen to leave them blank so that she can use them however she sees fit. I hope she likes these ones as much as the one I gave her. It is impossible to recreate that card because it just uses scraps.

I used, all SU!, close to cocoa dsps(retired), old olive cs, more mustard cs, bravado burgandy cs, and the hat pin is from my latest pretties container. I am so glad that the pretties didn't retire.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Pajama Day

I know I haven't blogged in awhile, sorry. I was dealing with a mia pre-order from SU! Gotta love UPS.

I finished this page yesterday. It has been sitting there calling my name since February. This was Waneeke going to school one morning. She was so excited that she got to wear her pajamas.

One of the reasons I love SU! so much is the colour matching. I love that I can take a piece of dsp, go to the chart that tells you what colours are in the dsp, grab those colours of cardstock and make a page. I love that you can take a priceless Bella stamp and make her match the colours in the dsp, very easily.

When I started this page it was for vsbn on scs. I believe the challenge was to use some of the new gotta have it stuff that you bought but never used. I always have problems doing those types of challenges, not because I want to not use my new stuff but because I get new stuff and I use it right away. So in this challenge, I inked up my newly obtained Bella and grabbed some awesome flowers that I got for FREE from GinaK. For the title I used SU!'s Taffy Alphabet and I did the kiss technique with an itty bitty background stamp to make it look polka dotted.

And because I absolutely love getting new stuff and I did get my new stuff on Thursday, thanks to a very sweet demo. I did a card today using my pink pirouette, and my sock monkey stamp.

This was for the Dare to Get Dirty 08. We were to first pick a piece of ribbon(I had one in front of me and went with that) then make a card to go with that ribbon. I glued two strips of ribbon on some naturals ivory cardstock and then stamped my sock monkey onto it. Then I stamped a sock monkey onto another piece of naturals ivory cardstock. I ribbon pieced my monkey together. My new stuff used.....sock monkey, pink pirouette, scallop edge punch.

I really want to get better at colouring.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bath Time Fun-with Grandma

I found bubble wrap. This weeks challenge from Scrapping Out Loud is to somehow use bubble wrap while you are making your layout.

Last night I went to the lss to scrap on my night off, again. I took my bubble wrap page to do there. I really like how it turned out. I was hoping that I would be able to use a little bit more of the blue bayou print pattern paper but that didn't happen so I'll have to scrap some more to get rid of it.

I put the bubble wrap on top of the whale. The whale I received as a RAK card. I just loved it so much I couldn't give it up. I'm so glad I kept it because it worked out very nicely in this page. I also used build a brad to kind of look like bubbles.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why I scrap

So Denise, Jessica and Melissa started a blog Scrapping out LOUD! Denise is one of my favourite Canadian scrapbookers, and when the blog was announced it was on the Canadian Scrapbookers Blog Carnival, I followed the link and next thing I know I find a new challenge blog.

I know I'm a little late getting this up for the first challenge but I had a pie situation taking over my desk for a week.

So here's my page. I didn't have all the pictures I wanted yet, so I might add some more faces to the pile of faces in the corner later when/if I get them.

I'm off to find some bubble wrap that has not been popped.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


All week I've been working on pies. Anavon, from SCS, was having a birthday party and virtually invited all of us to celebrate. She made up some great challenges with pies as a theme.

I did all of them except for banana cream.

Here's the album with all the pies in them.

The pies

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The winner is....

I used a random number generator. It chose number 1. So Angel, I have goodies for you, I just need to know where to send it.

I've been busy working on pie challenges. I'll make sure to get something up here soon.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Use Your Stash

They are giving away a gift certificate so if you want to get a chance here's the link. Good luck

orrrr it could be a bunch of goodies from Kimmie's stash........again reading comprehension, not always that great around here.....

Sisterhood of the Bogging Stampers #20

So I guess the first thing I should say is, I love challenges but I'm not that good at reading rules. There have been a large number of times that I have had to redo a challenge because I'm missing some of the elements. This is where I'm at for the Sisterhood, I forgot to write an intro post.

I am Jodi. I have four kids, they are 5, 4, 2, and 6 months old. I am on maternity leave until December 23, and I am enjoying my time with my kids.

I love scrapbooking, and altering, and I'm working on cardmaking.

Ok that's it, I'm done, I do not like to do introduction posts.